level - staff - head gauge for Parshall flumes
Parshall Flume Water Level Gage

Parshall Flume Water Level Gage

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Parshall Flume Water Level (Staff) Gage


Level gages in Parshall flumes give you a quick way to see what the level of the water (and thus flow rate) is in the flume.  

On the left of the gauge are inch and 1/4-inch increments.  Red markings are ever foot to help you determine the level in your Parshall flume.  The right of the gauge is in feet, 1/10-foot, and 1/100-foot increments.  Again, red markings are ever foot.  

The gage is a peal-and-stick style with a tough polycarbonate top coat and an industrial grade adhesive backing.  The white background and blue / red graphics, the gage is designed for readability.  

Suitable for new and retrofit installation into Parshall flumes from 1-inch to 96-inches in size.  

While intended for use with Parshall flumes, the level gage can be used to measure water level on most smooth vertical surfaces (including H-type, Cutthroat, and Montana flumes)

Level gages are also know as head or staff gauges (the difference in spelling is due to the first head of the USGS Irrigation Survey - Fredrick Newell)!

Material of Construction:

  • Yellow core with blue and red markings
  • Polycarbonate top coat
  • Peal-and-stick adhesive backing


  • Mark the location of the gage on the sidewall of the Parshall flume
  • Cut the gage to length 
    • We recommend trimming it so that is 1/2-inch shorter than the flume's sidewall is tall
    • If you are unsure of your Parshall flume's depth, take a look at the Parshall dimensions drawing
  • Make sure the area where the gage will be installed is clean
    • Paint thinner and mineral spirits work well with aluminum and galvanized steel construction
    • Acetone works well with fiberglass
  • Starting from the bottom, peel back the paper over the adhesive backing 
  • Slowly apply the gage, pulling up only as much of the cover over the adhesive backing as is necessary.
  • Make sure to smooth out air bubbles as you move up the Parshall flume's sidewall
  • With the gage in place, go back and smooth the gauge, making sure there are minimal air bubbles and that all of the gage's edges are smoothed down
  • Your Parshall flume must be CLEAN and DRY before you install your gage
  • Mounting surface must be smooth (not intended for use on concrete)


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