Transit Damage

While we take great effort in how we ship our flumes, things can happen in transit.

BEFORE you sign for the flume, make sure to inspect for damage.  DO NOT take delivery of any flume that has visible damage.

If you sign for a visibly damaged flume, YOU bear the responsibility.  If you REFUSE delivery of a damaged flume, the CARRIER bears responsibility.

You have (10) days after the flume has been delivered to notify us (support (at) parshallflumes (dot) com) of CONCEALED damage.  

When reporting a claim you will need to take multiple pictures of the damage - some close up, some further back so that we can get a feel for the location and amount of damage.

You will also need to keep the flume and its packaging where it safe, secure, and at ground level for the claims adjuster to make their inspection.

NOTE:  damage to the top / end flanges is normally only cosmetic and usually doesn’t make the flume less accurate.  In almost all instances, the damage will be encased in earth or concrete when you complete your installation.